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Calcite | Level 5

Hi SAS community,


I am new here and struggling to produce the graph figure attached here with datalinepatterns. The goal is to produce a bivariate graph of Q2(Have a condition needing care right away coded as "yes" or "No") and Q71(Race/Ethnicity coded as "Other/Mixed", "Black", "White"). See attachment labeled "datalinepatterns_graph.doc".

Just a note: All my variables are categorical. 


Here's my code and the output from the code is attached as well. Please see graph output in attachments.


Proc sgplot data = WORK.SASA;

yaxis valueattrs=(size=12pt) label = "Ethnicity";

xaxis valueattrs=(size=12pt) label = "Percentage";

hbar Q71 / GROUP = Q2 stat=Percent barwidth=0.85 seglabel dataskin=pressed;

title 'Condition needing urgent care vs race/ethnicity';

ods graphics / attrpriority=none;

styleattrs datalinepatterns=(dash shortdash);

keylegend / location=outside position=bottom across=1;



For reference, I am using SAS 9.4. I'm unable to include the dataset on here. Thank you for your help!

Super User

Welcome to the SAS community 🙂


You do not have to use datalinepatterns. What you want to do is to create a fillpattern. You can use the Journal2 style like this to make a graph that looks almost as you want. I included a small example with the data set.


ods html style=journal2;

data cars;
  set (where=(type ne 'Hybrid' and origin ne 'Asia'));

title 'Mileage by Type and Origin';
proc sgplot data=cars noborder;
  hbar type / response=mpg_city stat=percent group=origin groupdisplay=stack
              displaybaseline=auto clusterwidth=0.7;
  yaxis display=(noticks nolabel);
  xaxis display=(noticks nolabel);
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Great! So glad to help.


please remember to mark the answer as a solution. This helps other users navigate the forum 🙂



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