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Roadways Named in Honor of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.Roadways Named in Honor of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.


Back in 2018, National Geographic ran a story on Where the Streets Have MLK's Name, which attempted to identify the locations of roadways named in honor of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. The article wasn't clear on its methodology, noting that "No comprehensive global index of the streets named for King exists, but there are more than a thousand entries for such eponymous streets in OpenStreetMap." So, while certainly less-than-perfect, here's a SAS ODS Graphics attempt at a Continental U.S. map of the JSON latitude/longitude results of an Overpass query of OpenStreetMaps nodes, ways, and relations containing "Martin Luther King" in the address field. Btw, Wikipedia also has a list of streets named after Martin Luther King Jr.



* Fun With SAS ODS Graphics: OpenStreetMap of roadways honoring Rev. Martin Luther King Jr.
  Idea from
  Data from;

filename j '/folders/myfolders/osmmlk.json';  * Issue query to get OpenStreetMap lat/long data;
proc http out=j url='[out:json][timeout:500];(node["addr:street"~"Martin Luther King",i](24.396308,-124.848974,49.384358,-66.885444);way["addr:street"~"Martin Luther King",i](24.396308,-124.848974,49.384358,-66.885444);relation["addr:street"~"Martin Luther King",i](24.396308,-124.848974,49.384358,-66.885444););out body;>;out skel qt;';
libname osmjson json fileref=j;               * Grap latitude/logitude;
proc sql;
create table latlon as select lat, lon from osmjson.elements where type="node";

ods graphics / height=6.8in width=11in imagefmt=gif antialias; * Specify labelmax to minimize city name "collisons";
proc sgmap plotdata=latlon noautolegend;      * Plot OpenStreetMap denoting MLK roadways;
scatter x=lon y=lat / markerattrs=(symbol=circle color=navy size=16pt);



[out:json][timeout:500]; ( node["addr:street"~"Martin Luther King",i](24.396308,-124.848974,49.384358,-66.885444); way["addr:street"~"Martin Luther King",i](24.396308,-124.848974,49.384358,-66.885444); relation["addr:street"~"Martin Luther King",i](24.396308,-124.848974,49.384358,-66.885444); ); out body; >; out skel qt;




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