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Quartz | Level 8 sfo
Quartz | Level 8


I am trying to overlay boxplot and scatter plot using proc template in SAS 9.2 and have the following questions:-

1. How can I use log scale on y-axis?

2. How can I change font of axis label and values?

3. Can I split the box text for example if it is "Study (N=4)", I want to split Study and (N=4) in two separate lines.

4. Is there a way to remove the default border that is produced while creating the graph?


Super User

I don't have 9.2 available any more but look for:

1) YAXISOPTS , may have LOGOPTS to control log axis options and TYPE=LOG

2) If TICKVALUEATTRS is available that's probably best place for the values and LABELATTRS for the Label

3) "Box text"? Do you mean the Legend?

4) which border? around the whole procedure or around the graph area?

Quartz | Level 8 sfo
Quartz | Level 8

Thanks Ballardw for the reply


3) What I want is N=15 (as an example) under ASIA and N=20 under Euproe  etc my code the x-axis is numbers while I am displaying the text Asia, Eurpoe etc by using it in a variable. In addition to this text I also want the N number under the each country. So I thought of creating another variable with text like "ASIA:(N=20)" and the use the split function on delimiter ":". Maybe there is a easier way.

4) by border I meant the outside border, around the whole procedure


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39166 - Distribution of eye irritation shows one way to additional information along with axis though I haven't used it with boxplots and avoids having to try to "split" anything. One additional idea: instead of generating Text of (N=20) it may be easier to use a custom picture format to prefix a numeric value with (N= and end with ).

4) ods graphics / noborder ; before the procedure generating the output. Since this is an option it will stay set until set back to border.



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