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Calcite | Level 5

We have a data matrix of 1544x1544 i.e. pixel coordinates and their colors. We want to display that information graphically with the sgplot procedure. The _tmp dataset contains X, Y and color.


x=1; y=1; color="CX000000"; 
x=1; y=2; color="cxD3D3D3"; 
x=1; y=3; color="cx03D3D3"; 




Total 1544 ^ 2 = 2 383 936 observations


We use the following syntax:


data attrmap;
set _tmp;
retain id "myid";

proc sgplot data=_tmp rattrmap=attrmap;
scatter X=x Y=y /
colorresponse=nr markerattrs=(symbol=CircleFilled size=10)
gradlegend "notitle";


We get the error:


ERROR: An exception has been encountered.
Please contact technical support and provide them with the following traceback information:

The SAS task name is [SGPLOT]
ERROR: Read Access Violation SGPLOT
Exception occurred at (068DAECD)
Task Traceback
Address Frame (DBGHELP API Version 4.0 rev 5)
00000000068DAECD 000000000A0A70B0 sasods:tkvercn1+0x109E8D
000000000D7F9EC4 000000000A0A70B8 sasstgr:tkvercn1+0x78E84
000000000D7946DE 000000000A0A7700 sasstgr:tkvercn1+0x1369E
000000000754C4FA 000000000A0A7708 saswobc:tkvercn1+0x1B4BA
000000000753BECD 000000000A0A7800 saswobc:tkvercn1+0xAE8D
000000000D813F4A 000000000A0A7840 sasstgr:tkvercn1+0x92F0A
000000000D78971E 000000000A0A78B0 sasstgr:tkvercn1+0x86DE
000000000D813F4A 000000000A0A78F0 sasstgr:tkvercn1+0x92F0A
000000000D78E3EE 000000000A0A8290 sasstgr:tkvercn1+0xD3AE
000000000754C4FA 000000000A0A82D0 saswobc:tkvercn1+0x1B4BA
000000000753BECD 000000000A0A8390 saswobc:tkvercn1+0xAE8D
000000000D813F4A 000000000A0A83D0 sasstgr:tkvercn1+0x92F0A
000000000D78971E 000000000A0A8440 sasstgr:tkvercn1+0x86DE
000000000D813F4A 000000000A0A8480 sasstgr:tkvercn1+0x92F0A
000000000D78E3EE 000000000A0A8E20 sasstgr:tkvercn1+0xD3AE
000000000D813F4A 000000000A0A8E60 sasstgr:tkvercn1+0x92F0A
000000000D7DB15F 000000000A0A8ED0 sasstgr:tkvercn1+0x5A11F
000000000D813F4A 000000000A0A8F10 sasstgr:tkvercn1+0x92F0A
000000000D7ECFB8 000000000A0A9350 sasstgr:tkvercn1+0x6BF78
000000000D813F4A 000000000A0A9390 sasstgr:tkvercn1+0x92F0A
000000000D7EB6D8 000000000A0A9990 sasstgr:tkvercn1+0x6A698
000000000D813F4A 000000000A0A99D0 sasstgr:tkvercn1+0x92F0A
000000000D7FD185 000000000A0A9A40 sasstgr:tkvercn1+0x7C145
00000000069E43EA 000000000A0A9A80 sasods:tkvercn1+0x2133AA
0000000006821A69 000000000A0A9CA0 sasods:tkvercn1+0x50A29
0000000006820D4F 000000000A0A9F20 sasods:tkvercn1+0x4FD0F
000000000C5455DA 000000000A0A9F28 sassgplo:tkvercn1+0xC459A
000000000C4BCD3F 000000000A0AFBB0 sassgplo:tkvercn1+0x3BCFF
00000000031B946E 000000000A0AFBB8 sashost:Main+0x113BE
00000000031BF2CD 000000000A0AFF20 sashost:Main+0x1721D
00007FFFAD817BD4 000000000A0AFF28 KERNEL32:BaseThreadInitThunk+0x14
00007FFFAE76CED1 000000000A0AFF58 ntdll:RtlUserThreadStart+0x21

NOTE: The SAS System stopped processing this step because of errors.


What could be an alternative solution to graphically represent such a big array?

Super User
Can you provide a randomly generated input data set that we can use to test? I want to see if it runs on my system.
Opal | Level 21

Have you tried the HEATMAP statement in proc sgplot? By default it only accomodates 100000 bins but you can increase that number with the NXYBINSMAX= option of the ODS GRAPHICS statement.




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