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Pyrite | Level 9
proc nlin data = new method = marquardt;
  parms A = 15 B = -0.19 C = 0.0012 ;
      by pr  ;
  model TEST_DAY_PROT_PERCENT = A * Time **b * exp(-C*Time);
  output out = Fit predicted = pred ;
  symbol1 interpol= join value = star color= black;
symbol2 interpol = none value = none color = red;
proc sort data=fit; by time;

proc gplot data=fit;
title1' Lactation curves of milk fat and milk protein % ';
	plot pred*time TEST_DAY_PROT_PERCENT*time/overlay;

Hi guys,,,

I just wanted to know how to plot two curves from the same dataset on the same graph. 

this code has to plot only one curve for prot_percent, I wanna to plot fat_percent on the same graph, and all the data on the same dataset. (may dataset name is fit).


best regards 




Super User

It may be time to use the newer SG graphics procedures. SGPLOT makes it fairly easy to create multiple plots as you request as long as the x axis use the same variable.


proc sgplot data=fit;
title1' Lactation curves of milk fat and milk protein % ';
   series y=pred x=time;
   series y=TEST_DAY_PROT_PERCENT x=time;
   series y=Fat_PERCENT x=time;

Lots of appearance options related to markers and colors to control


Use SCATTER instead of SERIES if you want points instead of connected points.


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