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Calcite | Level 5
Here's my code.
I specified Justify and Height options, but I get a centerd title in a fix height (I tried to change the height, but it doesn't affect the graph)
What's wrong with my syntax?

Thanks in advance!

goptions reset=all;
legend1 label=('Station') value=(height=1 justify=left 'A' 'B' 'C' )shape=symbol(3,0.5)
position=(top right inside ) mode=protect down=3 across=1 frame;
title '(a)' JUSTIFY=left HEIGHT=3 ;

symbol1 i =join v=dot c=green h=0.1 cm;
symbol2 i =join v=dot c=blue h=0.1 cm;
symbol3 i =join v=dot c=red h=0.1 cm;
axis1 order=('5jan03:00:00'dt to '12jan03:00:00'dt by day)
label=(f=swiss h=0.5 cm 'Date and Time') minor=(number=24);
axis2 order = (0 to 60 by 10)
label=(f=swiss h=0.5 cm a=90 'O3 [ppb]');

proc gplot gout=w data=hh.jan_03_excel;
plot O3*d=stat_id /vaxis = axis2 haxis=axis1 LEGEND=LEGEND1
/*legend=legend2 */
name="O3 January 2003.gif";
where day in (5,6,7,8,9,10,11,12);
run; quit;
Meteorite | Level 14
I'm not at a computer where I can try this right now, but IIRC you have to specify the title options *before* the text (ie, the options only affect the text *after* the option).

Therefore you'd need a title statement like ...

title JUSTIFY=left HEIGHT=3 '(a)';
Calcite | Level 5
That worked.
Thanks a lot (again) !
Calcite | Level 5
Is there anywhere on the web a detailed example of syntax for goptions+gplot, so that I can know , for the next time what is the correct order within each statement and between the statements (I tried google before asking you, but found nothing that helped me).

Thanks in advance,
Rather than doing a direct Google search, you might try's search facility (in the upper right-hand corner of the page). For example, searching on GOPTIONS in the search box, and limiting the search to Product Documentation, you can find these links:

Similarly, searching with the string:
SAS/GRAPH TITLE and limiting the search to Product Documentation, resulted in this hit:
where it states:
"You can use as many text strings and options as you want, but place the options before the text strings they modify. See Using Multiple Options."

The SAS/GRAPH documentation is excellent--voluminous--but excellent.

Quartz | Level 8 Eva
Quartz | Level 8
Hi Tal,

there is a really good book: "The How-To Book for SAS/Graph Software" by Thomas Miron. And for more check "Quick Results with SAS/Graph Software" by Art Carpenter.

Best wishes



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