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Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

I have a dataset with summary statistics (OR and Confidence Intervals) for a number of centers.  I would like to plot these in an increasing order on the x-axis.  SCATTER does not respect discereorder=data and orders the x-axis by x-variable.  Discrete x-axis routines (VLine, etc.) do not offer a way to display the confidence interval.  So far the best I can do is to suppress the display of x-axis values and use MARKERCHAR to get the values of the center variable.  However, it get the centers inside the figure.

Any suggestions?

data c;

  do TID=1 to 10;

   OR = exp(rannor(0));

   SE = ranuni(0);

   Lower = exp(log(OR)-1.96*SE);

   Upper = exp(log(OR)+1.96*SE);

   L = -1;



proc sort data=c; by OR;


proc sgplot data=c;

  refline 1;

  scatter x=TID y=OR / yerrorlower=Lower yerrorupper=Upper;

  xaxis type=discrete discreteorder=data; /* values are displayed in an increasing order of TID */

proc sgplot data=c noautolegend;

  refline 1;

  scatter x=OR y=OR / yerrorlower=Lower yerrorupper=Upper;

  scatter x=OR y=L / markerchar=TID;

  xaxis type=discrete display=(novalues) label='TID';


The second plot gets me close to what I want but I suspect that there has to be a way use a different variable to display values of the x-axis.

Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

I ended up calculating a rank variable for the x-axis and creating a format for the ranks that contain the values of the third variables for the ranks.




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