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Calcite | Level 5
I have a nice horizontal boxplot created using PROC BOXPLOT and ODS GRAPHICS, but the journal won't accept it. I can't get the output into anything other than an image file which is not editable. I've run into this before but was able to reformat PNG files in Adobe but not with the figures that require ODS GRAPHICS. Here is what the journal said - note what this person suggests below did not work.
"Unfortunately, Figures 1 and 3 are still not editable. It seems that a pdf was created from a tiff or jpg file, or the SAS program converted it to a tiff or jpg before converting it to a pdf. What file formats does SAS allow? Is it possible to highlight the graphs and copy and paste to powerpoint without the graphs being converted to a picture format (the paste special command may need to be used)?"
In ODS RTF and ODS PDF, the graphs are converted from SAS into either RTF internal format or PDF internal format. Generally, these graphs, once in a file, are not editable.

However, if you use ODS HTML, with the style that you used in RTF or PDF, your result will be a PNG file which should be editable with any kind of graphics editing program. For example, if you run the program below you will get 3 files from running PROC REG:
1) c:\temp\for_journal.html (which you probably do not need)
2) c:\temp\FitPlot.png (this might have a number, depending on whether you've created other FitPlots in the same session)
3) c:\temp\DiagnosticsPanel.png (might also have a number, for same reason as above)


ods listing close;
ods html path='c:\temp' (url=none)
file='for_journal.html' style=journal;

ods graphics on;
ods html select DiagnosticsPanel FitPlot;
proc reg data=sashelp.class;
model height=weight;
ods graphics off;

ods html close;
Calcite | Level 5
Thanks for responding to my post. Actually this is what I started with. After all the effort I've put in to getting my graphics out as png files, nobody seems to like them anymore. I did finally get the journal to take it but had to do it it STATA (sorry!). I've had some limited success converting png's from SAS/GRAPH procedures to EPSI using adobe - this passed the Cadmus Rapid Inspector - but this does not work on the plots that are only created using ODS GRAPHICS like the horizontal boxplot. None of the SAS created png or pdf files pass Rapid Inspector (none of mine anyway). Tried SAS directly creating EPSI files but they looked really bad.
Calcite | Level 5
I spoke too soon - figured out I can convert the png file to an eps that passes.



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