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Calcite | Level 5
I am creating a grouped bar chart using a datalattice layout in which I would like to have unicode symbols ({unicode '2265'x} in particular) appear in the area of the graph populated by the "columnvar=" variable. While getting unicode symobls to appear in titles and footnotes is fairly simple, none of those methods seem to work when the "symbol" is contained in the input data.
Meteorite | Level 14
Exactly which version of SAS do you have? (The reason I ask is that there were some recent fixes in supporting unicode symbols in certain roles in SAS/Graph recently.)

Also, which proc are you wanting to use (for example, are you using gchart, and trying to annotate the symbols?)
Calcite | Level 5
SAS Version: 9.2 (TS2M0)

I am using proc template and proc sgrender.
Meteorite | Level 14
Ahh - I only know the unicode symbol details in the "traditional" SAS/GRAPH procs (gplot, gchart, gmap, etc). I'll have to let Dan/Sanjay/etc answer this one! 🙂
SAS Employee

We do not currently support unicode escapes in strings that come from data columns, which is your case here.

Please open a request with SAS Technical Support to add a suggestion for this feature.

Calcite | Level 5

Dear Prashant,

As this discussion is almost 2 years old, do you know if this feature was requested or even implemented in the meanwhile? I have posted a closely related problem and in fact the technical solution may be the same (I want to use unicode symbols in a scatterplot which are defined through a column in the dataset used for the markercharacter).



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