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Calcite | Level 5


I'm trying to make radar graph with proc gradar. I need to change axis range and legend. Unfortunately, I if I use axis statement, it doesn't affect to major ticks. There is following example in SAS support pages for this modifying, but it does work only partially:

proc format library=library;

value mnth

  1="Jan/Feb" 2="Mar/Apr" 3="May/Jun"

  4="Jul/Aug" 5="Sep/Oct" 6="Nov/Dec";


data goals;
   input month Division $ value @@;
   format month mnth.;
   format value percentn7.0;
1 Parts .43 1 Tools .82
2 Parts .86 2 Tools .32
3 Parts .70 3 Tools .65
4 Parts .35 4 Tools .52
5 Parts .84 5 Tools .62
6 Parts .55 6 Tools .43
goptions reset=all border hsize=5.15in vsize=4.2in;
axis1 order=(0 to .4 by .4, .6 to 1 by .2) value=(height=3pct c=blue tick=1 "");
axis2 order=(0 to .4 by .4, .6 to 1 by .2) value=none;
proc gradar data=goals;
   chart month / sumvar=value
      staraxis=(axis1 axis2 axis2 axis2 axis2 axis2)
      noframe height=3.25

Labels are blue in axis1, but I got only labels 0.32, 0.59 and  0.86. In legend there is problem too, because line and tex are limited. I'm using SAS enterprice guide 4.3.0 and sas 9.21.

Meteorite | Level 14

Support for the axis statement order= option was added to gradar in SAS 9.3.

Since you are using SAS 9.21, you do not have that functionality yet.

Here is a little more detail and an example of the new feature in 9.3:

Dr. Allison's best of the best of What's New in V9.3 SAS/GRAPH...

Calcite | Level 5

Thanks for the information, Robert. Is there any posibility to change legend (position, label...) in the same way that it is possible in for example in bar chart?

Meteorite | Level 14

I'm not sure off-hand (I don't use radar charts very often).  What have you tried, and what results did you see (if any)?

Meteorite | Level 14

I did some more checking, and found that gradar supports a 'nolegend' option, but other than that does not support any legend control.  It does not honor a legend= option.  I have entered a request to hopefully get that added in the future.

Calcite | Level 5

Hi Robert,

That was also my conclusion. So Proc Gradar makes legend automatically, and only posibility is use annotate, if user wants to make legend in the different way. I hope they will add legend option in future, because it is inside other graphs.

Quartz | Level 8

Since a bar chart will give you the control that you'd like to have, why not use a bar chart?  Bar charts far exceed the information conveyance of a radar chart -



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