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Lapis Lazuli | Level 10 tc
Lapis Lazuli | Level 10



Here's a "New Year's Eve Ball Drop" inspired by the blinking lights that graced the front panels of vintage computers. Happy New Year, all!



* Fun w/SAS ODS Graphics: New Year's Eve 4-Bit Boolean Ball Drop (Animated GIF Bubble Chart);

data lights;                                                       /* Generate "vintage computer front panel lights" */  
retain size 1;                                                     /* All lights are same size */
do frame=10 to 0 by -1;                                            /* Need a 10-second NYE countdown */
  do y=10 to 0 by -1;                                              
    lights=put(y,binary4.);                                        /* Convert seconds counter to string of 1's and 0's */ 
    do x=1 to 4;                 
      color=((frame=y) & (substr(lights,x,1)='1'));                /* Turn on lights on/off to reflect # of seconds left */
%macro genframes;                                                  /* Generate frames for NYE ball drop countdown animation */
%do frame=10 %to 0 %by -1;                                         /* One frame for each second */
options animduration= %if &frame=10 or &frame=0 %then 2; %else 1;; /* Display first and last frames for 2 seconds, all other for 1 second */
%if &frame>0 %then %let year=2022; %else %let year=2023;           /* Change year from 2022 to 2023 on last frame */
proc sgplot data=lights(where=(frame=&frame)) noautolegend aspect=1.25 noborder nowall pad=0 subpixel; /* Generate countdown! */
styleattrs backcolor=black;                                        /* Midnight black background */
bubble x=x y=y size=size / fill                                    /* Generate on (red) and off (black) lights */
       dataskin=pressed nooutline colormodel=(black red) colorresponse=color bradiusmin=.14in bradiusmax=.15in; 
xaxis display=(nolabel noline noticks) values=(.75 1 2 3 4 4.25) valuesdisplay=(" " "8" "4" "2" "1" " ") valueattrs=(color=white weight=bold); /* Display powers of 2 on x-axis */ 
yaxis display=(noline noticks) label="&year" values=(10 to 0 by -1) labelattrs=(color=white weight=bold size=72pt) valueattrs=(color=white weight=bold);  /* Display year and seconds on y-axis */

ods graphics / imagefmt=GIF width=5in height=5in antialias;       /* Record images */  
options papersize=('5 in', '5 in') animduration=2 animloop=yes animoverlay printerpath=gif animation=start nodate nonumber;
ods printer file='~/newyear/countdown.gif';                       /* Animated GIF filename */
%genframes;                                                       /* Generate frames */
options printerpath=gif animation=stop;                           /* Stop recording images */
ods printer close;



By superde1uxe -, CC BY 2.0, superde1uxe -, CC BY 2.0,






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