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Lapis Lazuli | Level 10 tc
Lapis Lazuli | Level 10




Happy Mother's Day, all!


* Fun w/SAS ODS Graphics: Mom Bracelet;

data beads;                      * Create "beads" for Mom bracelet;
retain size 1;                   * All beads same size;
pi=constant("pi");               * 3.414...;
do i=1 to 20;                    * Plot 20 points around circle (see;
  angle=angle+90;                * Add 90 to angle to rotate letter labels at bottom back upright;
  if i in (9, 11) then txt="M";  * Add letters 'M' in beads 9 and 11 for 'MOM' (counting from top and going clockwise);
  if i=10 then yH=y;             * Need a point to plot a heart in bead 10 (instead of the 'O' in 'MOM'); 
  yh=.; txt="";                  * Reset variables;
                                 * Let's plot the bracelet! (Ellipse + Bubble + Text Plots);
ods graphics / width=5.5in height=5.5in antialias noborder; 
proc sgplot data=beads noautolegend noborder pad=0 aspect=1 nowall subpixel noborder pad=0;
styleattrs backcolor=cxfff9ff;   * Very light pink background;              
symbolimage name=heart image='/home/ted.conway/heart.png'; * Use white heart image for the 'O' in 'MOM';
ellipseparm semimajor=1 semiminor=1 / slope=0 xorigin=0 yorigin=0 outline lineattrs=(color=vipk thickness=3pt); * 'Elastic' to string beads;
bubble x=x y=y size=size / fill fillattrs=(color=stpk) nooutline bradiusmin=30 bradiusmax=31 dataskin=gloss; * Beads;
text x=x y=y text=txt / rotate=angle contributeoffsets=none strip textattrs=(color=white size=26pt weight=bold); * Plot 'M' letters in 'MOM' at an angle;                           
scatter x=x y=yH / markerattrs=(symbol=heart size=32pt); * Plot heart image (takes place of 'O' in 'MOM');                           
xaxis display=none offsetmin=0 offsetmax=0 values=(-1.3 1.3); * Suppress labels/ticks on axes, set bounds;
yaxis display=none offsetmin=0 offsetmax=0 values=(-1.3 1.3);


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