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Lapis Lazuli | Level 10 tc
Lapis Lazuli | Level 10



A quick SAS ODS Graphics ellipseparm plot take on a neat greeting card. Happy Halloween, all!


* Fun With SAS ODS Graphics: 5-Ellipse Ghost
  ODS Graphics take on neat Ghost Halloween Card at;
data ghost;                                                                                                     * Generate a "dummy" point for scatter chart to facilitate ellipse plotting;  
retain x y 0;                            

ods graphics / noborder antialias height=8.68in width=6.64in;                                                   * Set image size;
proc sgplot data=ghost noautolegend noborder;                                                                   * Creat ghost chart (Ellipseparm plots);                                  
styleattrs backcolor=orange;                                                                                    * Orange padding;
scatter x=x y=y / markerattrs=(size=0pt);                                                                       * Need another plot type with ellipseparm plots; 
ellipseparm semimajor=36 semiminor=53 / slope=0 xorigin=-59 nooutline yorigin=198 fill fillattrs=(color=black); * Left eye;
ellipseparm semimajor=18 semiminor=29 / slope=0 xorigin=-59 nooutline yorigin=160 fill fillattrs=(color=white);
ellipseparm semimajor=36 semiminor=53 / slope=0 xorigin=59 nooutline yorigin=198 fill fillattrs=(color=black);  * Right eye;
ellipseparm semimajor=18 semiminor=29 / slope=0 xorigin=59 nooutline yorigin=160 fill fillattrs=(color=white);
ellipseparm semimajor=40 semiminor=68 / slope=0 xorigin=0 nooutline yorigin=31 fill fillattrs=(color=black);    * Mouth;
inset "HAPPY HALLOWEEN!" / textattrs=(color=orange size=28pt weight=bold) position=bottom;                      * We wish you a Happy Halloween!;
xaxis display=none offsetmin=0 offsetmax=0 values=(-332 332);                                                   * Suppress axes, set axes bounds;
yaxis display=none offsetmin=0 offsetmax=0 values=(-434 434);                          


The ModelThe Model


Work-in-Progress WireframeWork-in-Progress Wireframe




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