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Calcite | Level 5

I feel after searching this is likely either a really simple "no it's not possible" question, or a "did he just ask that?" question.  Apologies if this is a smiple miss, but it's a small item that I can't seem to find and a big impact on how my company is able to view data and potentially use/purchase the software.

When mapping via the graph builder I have been unable to find out how I place a count label over each state.   In doing a negative equity analysis I am trying to figure out how I can identify the number of data points used per state is shown on each state.  This was I can see which states become larger impacts on my averages.  It seems like a simple visual option, but I just don't see how I get my states to identify there is 7 making up MN and 5 making up TX, as examples.

Meteorite | Level 14

Are you using SAS/Graph Proc Gmap? (or SAS/GIS, or SAS Visual Analytics, or other?)

If using SAS/Graph Proc Gmap, you can programmatically annotate text values on a map.

Here's an example of 1 way to do it:


Calcite | Level 5

I'm not actually sure what I am using, it's the default mapping withing the Graph Builder of standard JMP trial version.  For simplicity, what I have is 6 lines of data making up an average of negative equity for the state of MN.  The gradient shows where MN falls as a comparative average, now I'd like to add the count of '6' to the MAP to show the number of files making that up. 

Meteorite | Level 14

You'll want to post that one in the JMP forum! Smiley Happy

Obsidian | Level 7

You can use an annotate dataset. There's some documentation on the PROC GMAP.



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