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Amethyst | Level 16

Dear All,

This is with regard to the graphic catalog we get from proc gplot or gchart with the option gout=. i would like to know if we have a similar option in SG procedures in sas. I have a scenario where i would like to use the catalogs from SG procedure and pass into the template to generate graphs.

i have used the gout option in gplot and used the catalog name in template to generate the graphs.

Any suggestions are appreciated.



Super User

If you are trying to recreate the functionality of Proc Greplay a limited ability is possible using tagsets.htmlpanel.

Also you should have the image files themselves, most likely PNG files, in the folder of your work library (or wherever you directed output).

If you are more explicit about what you are attempting to do there may be other options.

Amethyst | Level 16

yes , i agree with you. i got the png image file. But at the moment i am more interested in the catalogs of SG procedures. so if could know the way to get the catalog name generated by the SG , it will be very helpful.


First of all, the SG procedures do not use catalogs. The procedures use ODS template-based technology. In addition to ballardw's thought, I have some addition methods to accomplish what you want:

1. Use ODS layout -- You can use ODS layout to layout the graph output as it is generated.

2. Use ODS Document --  If you need to generate the graph output early and replay it later in the report, use an ODS document to store the output from SGPLOT and replay it using PROC DOCUMENT (you can also use ODS layout in the replay).

3. Use the ODS Graphics Designer -- you can use the ODS Graphics Designer to interactively create a paneled graph that you can run in batch in your report.

Let me know if you me to elaborate further on any of these techniques.

Hope this helps!





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