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Fluorite | Level 6

I am trying to barchart using proc sgrender. My dataset has variable called ID with 2 different values for time ,group and reasons. To plot data points correctly I formatted ID in such a way that it has values _n_ according to the data.

ID  TIME  group  id_ reasons  length  stat  statvar

1    5        A         1     xxx         6         35       age

1    6        B         2     yyy         7         asian   ethinic

                                                            country  xxx

                                                             xxx        yyy

I calculated length variable from time so that that graph plot value just above the bar . length = time+1;

I want to create bar chart in such a way that group A and B gets different colors for the corresponding ID and there shouldn't be any space between bars.  The code I used is

proc template;

define statgraph barcolors;

dynamic xvar yvar;


discreattrmaps name='catcolors'/ignorecase=true




discreattrmaps attrvars=group var=group attrmap='catcolors';

layout overlay/



barchartparam x = id_ y = time/primary=yes  groups = group groupdisplay = cluster name='colors'

scatterplot x =id_ y = length/markerattrs=(size=5 weight=bold)group=reasons;

The problem I have is since id_ has different value for same ID , it create a space between bars. If I use ID instead of id_ in scatterplot then all the reasons goes to first bar not to corresponding bar. How can I tell SAS not to put space between bars for each ID?

I am also trying to put a table under graph. since there are 2 bars for each ID, graph is having trouble to put values under each ID in the table. Is there any solution for this too?

boxplot x= id_  y = stat/class=varstat;

Super User

Without examples of your data it is a bit difficult to make complete suggestions.

I would recommend visiting

or and see if you find something that looks like what you want to do and examine that code.

Fluorite | Level 6

Thanks! I used the code from the following PROC_SGRENDER.html

It worked fine . Another question I have is when I use scatter plot over barchart to put points on the top of each bar, symbols goes to corner of bar instead of middle of each bar if there are 2 bars per ID. If there is only one bar per id then the symbol goes to the center of bar

ID  TIME  group  id_ reasons  length 

1    5        A         1     xxx         6        

1    6        B         2     yyy         7

SCATTERPLOT X = ID Y =LENGTH/group = reasons markerattrs(size = 2 weight=bold)

Is there anyway to tell SAS to put symbols in the center of each bars?

Super User

You might try MARKERCHARACTER with a symbol font set using MARKERCHARACTERATTRS as the online help says this centers strings. If A B etc are acceptable for symbols it should work fine instead fo markerattrs.

Meteorite | Level 14

Why can't you use proc SGPLOT with VBAR with GroupDisplay=Cluster and Data Label?

You can use BarWidth=1 to not get spaces between bars.  If you attach your full program with data, it is easier to help.



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