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How to create your communities profile

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In the SAS Support Communities, most of you lurk. And that’s OK. Use these discussion boards however works best for you. This article is for those looking to connect and collaborate openly with fellow SAS users, those who want to build their reputation as SAS experts.


Sign into and follow these 5 steps to create an awesome profile:


Step 1: Pick a username that reflects you. When you create your profile, use your name as your ID. This helps you build your personal brand. If your name is already taken, use a variation that correctly identifies you. For example, if BeverlyBrown were already taken, I might choose BevBrown. Usernames must be at least two characters long. You can use dashes, letters (upper and/or lowercase), numbers, and underscores.


Step 2: Pick an avatar that looks like you look now. An avatar is the image people have in mind when they interact with you in the communities. Choose a current head-and-shoulders photo that’s well-lit, focused and shows you smiling. Friendly faces encourage people to connect.


How to edit your avatar

If you’d rather use an avatar our platform provides, that’s OK too. If you don’t choose one, you’ll receive one by default. You can change it to another from our avatar library or upload your own image. To change your avatar:


Choose My Settings, select Avatar, then choose an image provided or upload your own.


Step 3: Write a brief bio that sets you apart. Position yourself as an expert by including key words that describe your SAS knowledge. That will also help your peers find you via search. If you present at SAS Global Forum, note that. Are you a SAS Visual Analytics ninja? Mention that too. Do you love helping SAS newbies get up to speed? Definitely worth highlighting.


Include personal details too. Are you a runner? List your best race times. Do you enjoy cooking, knitting or Sudoku? Add anything community members can use to identify with you.


A word about privacy

Who can see your bio? By default, all community members can see your bio. To set limits, sign in and visit your profile page (upper-right corner of From My Settings, choose Preferences, then Privacy to select update your settings. Click Save.


Step 4: Add a signature and your Twitter handle. This gives people other ways to connect with you. To add your Twitter account from My Settings, choose Social. To add a signature to your community posts, choose Personal, then Personal Information. More on signatures and bios in this community post: Why and how to create a bio and signature.


Step 5: Update often. As your skills, areas of interest and expertise evolve, so should your bio.


Noticed a great SAS Communities profile? Tell us about it in the comments!



Hi @BeverlyBrown,


Is the area for social media handles still available in a members profile? I wasn't able to find my own to check them.




Hi @BeverlyBrown, thanks for your tips. I just used them and adjusted my bio.



@MarkusWeick Well done! Thankful for all the ways you share your expertise in here.

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