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Calcite | Level 5
Hi to all,
I've been able to create from my SAS Base code a SAS Stored process, and it ran smoothly when attached to a Workspace Logical Server. However, the kind of SP I'm developing should work on a Stored Process server, as a matter of performance and user who are going to access them.
I receive two kind of errors:
- If I try to run the SP from Enterprise Guide, it says after a minute or so :"...something in italian, and then the object spawner was unable to redirect the client". Then, from EG I cannot open the SP.
- If I try to launch it through a simple standalone java program I've made, the error is "sam.S251.ex.msg: A problem occurred when connecting to a load balancing spawner"
What should our SAS Admin take care of?

Calcite | Level 5
It seems that our SAS Administrator has changed something...but still the system isn't working, and it's getting frustrating 😞
So, the first problem is that I cannot connect to the repository which contains the metadata... the code is the following one:

libname DPEFDest meta library="Tabelle prototipo" repname="DPEF", where "DPEF" is a repository son of Foundation.

The error is "No metadata objects found matching the specified URI".
So I tried (as an experiment) to move all the metadata to the Foundation repository...and it goes a little further, but then I get a weirder error message, which says:

"user does not have appropriate authorization for library SAVE"

i still have some problems writing the code when choosing the SAS Stored Process Server (it doesn't allow me), but at least I've managed to use the BI Manager to edit a stored process, changing the server from workspace to stored process server.
Any idea at all?

This sounds like an issue that needs to have a track opened with Tech Support.
Calcite | Level 5
in the end I've opened a track request through the Tech Support and now I'm waiting...but I can post at least the solution of one of the problems (the fact that I couldn't connect to a meta library which wasn't inside Foundation).
There is a very clear KB article that explains this problem: in order to use a stored process running in a stored process server, which uses this kind of libraries, the "SAS General Servers" have to be authorized with (at least) Read Metadata and Read:


Calcite | Level 5
Hi to all,
I've finally solved (by myself unfortunately, the tech support didn't called me back...yet) the problem about this mysterious library SAVE.
From these KB articles:

The library SAVE is created in order to keep a session for the Stored Process (which is extremely important in the case of a state less scenario like the Web). Using the code described in that articles, I've been able to go over the execution (still blocked after that, but it's a matter of time)...

I still believe it's a problem of configuration (the session should be automatically created from EG, shouldn't it?), so I'll try to contact the Tech support and here from them...



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