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I have a stored process that will not open in Web Report Studio. At this stage, my stored process is only a Proc Sql and a Proc Report. No parameters and no logic as such. Other stored processes I have created open just fine in WRS, but this one particluar stored process won't.

If anyone has an idea or two as to what I might consider trying in order to have the process open, I would love th hear from you. Thank you!
Does your PROC REPORT have LINE statements? There is an issue with PROC REPORT and Web Report Studio that you will just see a blank screen if your PROC REPORT has LINE statements? That's because the SAS Report XML does not currently handle LINE statements gracefully.

If you run the Stored Process in EG, for example, are there any error or warning messages in the SAS Log? Does the SP work in EG or in the SAS Add-in for Office? It is easier to get the log by running in EG? Do you get any Java error messages at all?

Did you move your SP to the BIP tree location? Sounds like you must have, but I'm just covering all the bases. Unless it's the LINE statement issue, the only other thing I can think of is that you called your parameters something that conflicted with JAVA/JavaScript -- macro variables named "VAR" or "CLASS" or any of the reserved Java names will also cause problems with WRS, as described here:

Or this one...

If it isn't any of these things, your best bet for debugging is to contact Tech Support.

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Hi, Cynthia,

Actually,what happens in WRS when I try opening the SP is that WRS "hangs' on this one particular SP, while I can open other SP's easily. And, the SP has no parameters at all. I was trying to run the SP in WRS to see how the output would look as compared to when I ran the SP in EG.

Also, two of us are now having trouble opening SP's in EG....EG now "hangs."

I just had our DBA check for good connections to/from our SAS servers and related databases..... he advised all were OK.

So....I'm slowly getting to wit's end on this one.

Thanks so much for replying!
Well, one thing to try, when EG comes back is to execute your SQL and PROC REPORT in a code node and make sure that you did not accidentally leave off the QUIT; after the PROC SQL and a RUN; after the PROC REPORT and/or that you do not have mismatched quotes or missing semi-colons -- in other words, just verify that you have a working SAS program.

The other thing to try, when all else fails is to stop and restart the metadata server and the other servers and/or reboot your machine and start fresh. For further debugging, you may have to go look at the WRS log files -- Tech Support can help you locate them and debug the Java errors that you may find in those log files.

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And....thank you once more and again! I'll check out my code and see if anything is squirrely there.




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