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Hi there
can a stored process web application istalled in a Unix server or it can be only only installed in a windows environment?( I just a read a SUGI paper (231-31: Delivering Dynamic Content With the SAS Stored Process Web Application) and author metioned that in order to sue the SAS stored Process Web application, it is necessary to configure a windows system as the wb servers as well as the sas server)
If it can be , what will be the default port to access the app in the uniox server?

Thanks in advance
All the port numbers for any of the BI Platform applications are determined at installation time, based on the "plan" that was drawn up for the site. That plan has the types of servers on which various pieces of the Platform will run.

As for whether the Stored Process Web Application will run on Unix or not, you would have to consult with Tech Support for the definitive answer. It says here
SAS Web Infrastructure Kit and SAS Information Delivery Portal
The SAS Web Infrastructure Kit is installed on a servlet container and includes the SAS Stored Process Web Application. This Web application enables you to execute stored processes from a Web browser or other Web client. The SAS Information Delivery Portal includes the SAS Web Infrastructure Kit and provides the same Web access to stored processes.

In this documentation: there IS a section on doing a UNIX install for the servlet container.

Further, it indicates that the setup directory for the Web Infrastructure Kit CAN be a UNIX directory:
On Unix systems, the default installation location is /usr/local/SAS/Web/Portal2.0.1.

So I think consulting with Tech Support is your best bet. They can help you figure out what plan was used for your installation and tell you the default port number that was recommended for the install. Of course, your systems people might not have used that default port.

For what it's worth, when I use the stored process web application on a single machine install in the classroom, I can invoke a stored process via URL using this Anchor tag:[pre]
<a target="new"
Test this stored process</a>[/pre]

This assumes that I have a Stored Process Repository called STP_Orion, with a sub folder of Extra and inside that location, I have a stored process with the name testSPWA. The metadata for the stored process points to the location of the .SAS file that should be executed by the Stored Process Web Application.

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Thanks Cynthia. The attached links are great help to me. I will check the Tech Support team too.

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Can u tell me wht will be my link if i am saving my stored process in the repository /Foundation/BIP Tree/ReportStudio/Shared/Reports/StoredProcesses/abc if this is my path.
How can i create a link of this stored process where my stored process name is abc
You may have to consult with your web folks or install folks to find out the correct URL.
<a target="new" href="
_program=/Foundation/BIP Tree/ReportStudio/Shared/Reports/StoredProcesses/abc/ABCSP">
Run the ABC stored process</a>

where is the name of your server
where pppp is the port number that needs to be used

I believe that you can have a "relative" URL for the program name -- but I think it's only relative to 'Foundation'. Note that since you already had 'abc' in your path, I was not sure whether you had a folder called ABC and a stored process called my example, above, the first 'abc' is a folder in the repository path and the 'ABCSP' is the stored process name, as described in the metadata.

My example in the previous posting was for a single-machine install, so I could use "localhost:9090" for the web server and port number. These values are provided as part of the Enterprise Intelligence install process -- so you have to ask somebody who knows what those values are in order to build a correct URL.

If you are still having trouble building the correct URL to invoke a stored process with the Stored Process Web Application, Tech Support can help you figure out the right URL, given your particular configuration and installation information.




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