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Fluorite | Level 6

We have an STP that produces an HTML for any type of browser. This STP is integrated in the SAS IDP Web Services and can be used by people who are registered in an AD and their rights are uploaded on a daily basis to the Metadata Server. The STP itself is executed with the internal user sassrv.

That particulare STP is embedded in the Metadata and runs on a dedicated SAS context.

Now there is the wish to provide that STP and its output in HTML for all members in the enterprise. Not only enabled employees in the metadata can use it, all employees should use it.

So I figured out that all employees could get access as "public" user in the metadata. However we use IWA on a Linux Server what is not a problem to any user since the STP is run under sassrv.

I tried to open access to the STP and the SAS Context by giving read acess to the User public. Either I need also write access or my concept will not work. Of course is the group public by default denied. But what would be a good solution to give access to any users of a browser? I have also created an ACT for the group public with read metadata and read access only.

Rhodochrosite | Level 12

You can also create a special account(user) for the public users and then provide login credentials in the link to the stored process.

In that way you get full control and can have different oublic users for different reports.


I have done this a couple of times then we have had intranets using stored processes to show content within the intranet page.

If I remeber correct you add &user=zzz&pass=yyy to the link.



Fluorite | Level 6

Thank you for the vision. But can you explain the setup of that "public user" more precise. Or do you have a link to a manual?

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