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Fluorite | Level 6

I'm trying to connect to SAS Datasets from Tableau using the sasiom jdbc interface. I've been unsuccessful so far and I believe it is because I'm using a Type 2 JDBC driver which is the latest sasiom driver I can find here: the Nov 2018 release.


The Nov 2018 SAS JDBC Driver release looks like a Type 2 JDBC driver from inspecting the result of getJDBCMajorVersion = 2


This Tableau Conference Document explains JDBC connections out of Tableau and how Tableau expects a Type 4 JDBC Driver


Tableau JDBC connections expect a Type 4 driver which does not need to specify a JDBC driver class name ( and simply queries the available JDBC drivers for one that can interpret the jdbc connection url (jdbc:sasiom)


Does SAS have plans to release a Type 4 JDBC driver or is there one available that I'm not finding?

Ammonite | Level 13
Hi @krusader, I couldn't find this information on any document. I would suggest you to raise this request with SAS Technical support by sending an email to for assistance.
Fluorite | Level 6

Hi @Anand_V - Here are documents that further support my findings leading up to this post. I am a SAS User at my company as well as a Tableau creator. I see the strengths of both tools and would like to integrate them via a JDBC connection. My SAS Admin is aware of this and would be the one to create the SAS support ticket. I'm trying to raise awareness to this issue and see if SAS has plans to release a JDBC Type 4 driver?


Further Documentation


- Types of JDBC Drivers

- Issue with Tableau Developer SDK explaining JDBC Type 4 needed

- getJDBCMajorVersion to find JDBC Version number of Driver


Below is a screenshot making a JDBC connection to SAS using the public JDBC Drivers most recently available (Nov. 2018) and the property of getJDBCMajorVersion = 2 ... This shows that the most recent SAS JDBC Drivers available are of JDBC Type 2



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