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Calcite | Level 5


  SAS Stored Process is running slow on Web Report Studio and SAS Excel Add-on. It takes about 5-6 minutes.

If I run the same report on Enterprise Guide, the result set is coming up in about 50-60 seconds (less than a minute).

Web Report Studio is timing out after 5 minutes.

If I run the same report for a smaller set of data ( based on prompts), the results are coming out fine.

If I run the same report for a 7,000 rows and 60 columns, it is takes about 6 minutes in SAS Excel Add-on.

Is there any known reasons? Please advise.



Barite | Level 11

Hi itpro, you need a IT professional also being a SAS professional to do the analytics on your issues.    

If you have a report on 7000 row and 60 cols than 6 minutes processing is really a long time.

Check the corresponing sas-log file to find hints to the real causes(s) of the problem.

It could be nearly everything. think of:

a/ Slow/bad network,

b/ Slow desktop  (memory cpu io)

c/ slow server processing (SAS)  (memory cpu io)

d/ bad performance of a involved DBMS  (memory cpu io).

It is the hard work of performance&tuning and optimizing code, configuration or components.

It requires to understand it all and knowing some basics and possible more how all is realized and what those consequences are.

Always a trade off in human effort (labour cost) to buying something (cost) to the profits (better business).

Do not expect the unrealistisc magic off all problems solved by buying ....   that are sales fairy tales.

As you are telling very small data is running acceptabel but the bigger not.
It would look for those differences and impact first. Suspect is a bad designed data process somewhere.

---->-- ja karman --<-----
Opal | Level 21

It's working in EG but not in WRS and AMO.

Assuming your SP uses streaming and returns a table: Could it be that you're returning a massive amount of rows but the EG setting to only retrieve the first 500 rows at a time (or whatever your setting in EG is) avoids that you have to wait forever until all the rows have been transmitted over the network. You could test this by using the SP in EG and then scroll down to the bottom of the retrieved table. If then some more time is used to retrieve some more rows that would be an indication that EG is faster because of this limitation of retrieved rows.

Let us know if this is the case and we go from there.



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