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sas-explore-cfc.jpgHi Developers,

Registration is now open for SAS Explore. This is a must-attend for SAS enthusiasts. Attendance to the complementary, three-day, event with over 100 sessions, 50 breakouts and free training is a no-brainer. But what sessions should you attend? Well, it's ultimately up to you, but I've pursued the list and come up with a list of must-sees from a developer's perspective.


More session details and schedules will be released soon. I'll be sure to update the table with more information, as it becomes available.


Title Description Speaker Type
Are You and Your SAS Code Ready to GIT? Learn what are the steps you can take with your existing work to start using GIT. Zeke Torres, Code629 Breakout
Building Analytical Applications: SAS Visual Analytics and Azure Static Web Apps Using SAS VA and Azure Static Web Apps, organizations can easily and quickly embed data and analytics into everyday processes and improve decisions. Yury Shkoda and Stefan Stoyanov, Analytium Group Breakout
Embed Data Visualizations in Web Pages and Delivered at Scale Embed report visualizations into custom websites and navigate your content in SAS Viya using the SAS Viya SDK for JavaScript. Support authenticated connection to SAS Viya and scale to support hundreds of thousands of end users. Brad Morris and Robby Powell, SAS Breakout
Game Changing Decision Engine: SAS Container Runtime SAS Container Runtime is a lightweight, open and scalable runtime that enables SAS applications to deploy analytics and decisions anywhere. Dave Duling and Paata Ugrekhelidze,  SAS Breakout
I Got 99 Problems & Biased AI is #1 In this breakout session, we will discuss how different types of bias can get unintentionally laced into an AI system. We will demonstrate SAS Model Studio features that can help a user to detect bias and to weigh the accuracy and fairness of a model. Reggie Townsend and Allie DeLonay, SAS Breakout
The Batting Lab: Driving Home the Power of Data Explore the power of the SAS Batting Lab, an experience designed to help children improve their batting performance while introducing them to data literacy. Gunce Walton, SAS Breakout
Time to REST: An Overview of SAS API Use Cases on GitHub This session introduces the SAS REST API end-to-end use cases repository on sassoftware GitHub, and shares how to navigate, use and contribute to it. Joe Furbee, SAS Breakout
Python Integration in SAS Studio SAS With Python integration data engineers and data scientists can now code, execute and schedule Python scripts. Alexey Vodilin, SAS Super Demo
The Science Behind the Batting Lab

Explore the power of the SAS Batting Lab, an experience designed to help children improve their batting performance while introducing them to data literacy.

Gunce Walton, SAS Super Demo
Virtual Studio Code SAS Programming Extension: Meeting You Where You Work

The official SAS Extension for Visual Studio Code provides SAS language features that make programming in SAS using VS Code more productive.

Casey Smith, SAS Super Demo
Building Advanced Dashboards Using SAS Visual Analytics for SAS Viya

This presentation covers techniques to build advanced, flexible dashboards. Viewers will learn about working with and editing multiple data sources, using parameters and formatting reports.

Dominique Weatherspoon, SAS Training
Software Workshop: Advanced Tips and Tricks for SAS Model Studio

In this presentation, we’ll cover some advanced tips and tricks that SAS Model Studio users may find helpful. We'll run external models, including open source, in a Model Studio pipeline, we'll create custom model assessment plots and more!

Jeff Thompson, SAS Training
SAS Hackathon Winners Case Studies

The winning teams will share their business cases and how they tackled real-world dilemmas, from climate change to responsible food manufacturing, using SAS Analytics, AI and open source on Microsoft Azure.

Various Hackathon




Join us for SAS Community Trivia
SAS Bowl XL, SAS Innovate 2024 Recap
Wednesday, May 15, 2024, at 10 a.m. ET | #SASBowl

Sounds exciting! I can't wait to see the SCR and Python sessions.


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How to Concatenate Values

Learn how use the CAT functions in SAS to join values from multiple variables into a single value.

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