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Quartz | Level 8

Hi All

I am trying to POST issues to Data Remediation using the REST API, but keep getting 500 Internal Server Error. I am just trying with one issue at the moment just to get the logging sorted out, and then I will start looking at logging multiple issues. Here is my SAS Enterprise Guide code and I have attached the input file. Please could you assist if possible?


filename in "/sas/batch/sasdata/dataremediation/tables/json_manual.txt";
filename out "/sas/batch/sasdata/dataremediation/tables/json_out.txt";
    ct="application/json; charset=utf-8"
/* webauthdomain="LinuxAuth"*/
Community Manager

Hi @HeidiDT,

I've not worked with the Data Remediation APIs before, so it may take me a bit of time to gather resources to assist.


Unfortunately a 500 error doesn't give us much to go on. Can you try a 'GET' method on the same groups endpoint? Establishing a connection is the first step before we can troubleshoot further.

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Barite | Level 11

Joe sounds like he has this covered. I wanted to add that you should always get the API working with Postman SoapUI, or other web testing tool before tackling the SAS code. Have you done that already?
Quartz | Level 8

Hi @AlanC. I have tried with Postman and am getting the same error unfortunately. 

Barite | Level 11
Dig down into the error as much as possible. When I get into this area, I turn on Fiddler and check the traffic flow. Postman probably gives you something similar but you can use Fiddler with Postman as well. You have to look at the raw request and response going and coming.
Quartz | Level 8

Hi All!

So I have managed to get past the 500 error and am now getting a 401 (unauthorized) error. I have been trying to find documentation on the wed regarding authentication when using the SAS provided APIs, but am not having much luck. Can anyone help with authentication for SAS RESTful APIs in general, please?



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