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I've got a Stored Process with the following code:

proc report data=sashelp.class ;
columns _ALL_ ;

define sex /style=[cellwidth=200 background=blue foreground=white] ;
run ;

I've changed the style of one column.
When I run this Stored Process in Web Report Studio I see my style definitions. But when I want to print, the cellwidth style is ignored and the columns is still blue.

How do I set the column width also when printing in Web Report Studio?

If you are printing from Web Report Studio's pull down Report Menu, then what happens behind the scenes is this:
1) you run your Stored Process and the results are returned to WRS as SASReport XML format -- which is what you see on the screen -- the SASReport XML is rendered for the best screen viewing -- and so that if you edit the report from within WRS, you can add banners, etc, add another stored process or add another report object to the report.
2) As you are looking at the SP and select PRINT from the Report pull-down menu, then WRS is -transforming- the ENTIRE WRS report from the SASReport XML to PDF format. This transformation is controlled by WRS, for the whole report, not by PROC REPORT for just your stored process.

It is possible that some features displayed on the screen are not carried over to the PDF version of the report. Or, the results that you see on the screen might be affected by choices you make under the Page Setup option, such as whether the report should be portrait or landscape or whether the pages should be made to fit horizontally.

If the background color is being respected, but the cellwidth is not being respected, then there's either something about your Page Setup settings or something about the conversion to PDF that doesn't use the cellwidth.

You might consider contacting Tech Support for more help. However, these Tech Support notes seem to indicate that printing from WRS sometimes has issues: (this note has the explanation):
When you print a report, SAS Web Report Studio first renders the report as a PDF, which you can then print. In the PDF, column labels might not wrap in the same way that they do in the viewed report.

And, even though your issue is with the width of the column using the cellwidth style attribute, there is clearly some difference possible between what you see on the screen and how the PDF appears Here are some other notes related to printing:

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Hi Cynthia,

Thanks for your answer. I'll contact Tech Support.


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