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We've had a reorganization and are now bring two groups together.  Everyone agrees that SAS is the best solution for us, however we still need to be able to create reports for implementation within our electronic health record that is completely dependent on reports uploaded via Cryatal Enterprise. 

WHat I would like to know is can we build the report in SAS just like we do know with crystal reports and then upload the stored process in Crystal Enterprise to be deployed in the EMR.  

I hope this is clear.  I'm hard core SAS and have zero interest in learning crystal reports, hopefully there is some awesome SAS solution. Any help would be very much appreciated. 





  RDBMS systems have "stored procedures" and when you execute a query against the data base table, you can execute the "RDBMS stored procedure". SAS can execute stored procedures in RDBMS systems using syntax similar to this example for Oracle: 18350 - Calling stored procedures using SAS/ACCESS® Interface to Oracle

  A SAS "Stored Process" is not the same thing as an RDBMS "stored procedure". A SAS Stored Process is a SAS program that has metadata registered in the SAS Metadata Server. Client applications on the BI Platform know how to run SAS stored processes and how to receive results from a SAS Stored Process.

  You asked "can we build the report in SAS just like we do know with crystal reports" -- And to this question, my guess is, it depends. Assuming that SAS can read your data, and that you can produce the type of report you need, you can build reports in SAS, either with or without stored processes. Also, I did find a reference to "Metadata Bridges" that shows a SAS Metadata Bridge for SAP: SAS Metadata Bridges and this portion of the What's New for the Data Surveyor describes some new features that work with SAP: What's New in SAS Data Surveyor 4.2 for SAP

  Since Crystal Reports is not a client application on the BI Platform, it does not know how to 1) talk to the metadata server, 2) talk to the workspace or stored process server, 3) receive stored process results. However, a SAS Stored Process can create RTF, PDF and HTML output, as well as CSV output and, can publish output to a WebDAV repository. Starting in SAS 9.3, a SAS SP can publish to SharePoint (see the doc for PACKAGE_TO_SHAREPOINT).

  It's not entirely clear to me which application would be calling what and/or where the data is. You said:

"...we still need to be able to create reports for implementation within our electronic health record that is completely dependent on reports uploaded via Crystal Enterprise."  The way I read this, it seems that your electronic health record system is using (dependent on) reports that come to the health record system from Crystal Enterprise?  And you need to create reports "within our electronic health record system". (So are the reports already created and stored in the EMR, or do you create reports in the EMR based on the data?) This is the way I am envisioning the process:

DATA --> REPORTS--> Crystal Enterprise --> Electronic Health Record System (also in Crystal?) --> more reports or real-time access

  So, I'm having a hard time figuring where SAS comes into the picture? At the DATA --> REPORTS piece?

  Do you want to upload the stored process (SAS program) into Crystal Reports? Or, do you want Crystal Reports to make a call to SAS, run the stored process and get the SP results back in Crystal Reports? Or, do you just want the SAS process to create results (stored process report results) and be able to open those results in Crystal Reports?

But, again, I think the answer depends. I don't envision that you will be able to call the SAS SP from within Crystal Reports. It sounds like there is some kind of limitation on what application can talk to the EMR? Or what kind of data/reports can be loaded into the EMR?  SAS/ACCESS can read SAP data (Crystal comes from SAP). Does the EMR -only- talk to Crystal Reports/Enterprise, or are there other forms of reports/data that the EMR can receive (such as XML reports and/or data or PDF reports)? The architecture of what you want to do is unclear to me. I'd suggest that you run this by the BI experts in Tech Support for some ideas/suggestions/possibilities.




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