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I am aware that to print variables in headers on reports, you should use the NOBYLINE option and the #byval option in a header. However, while that works well in Enterprise Guide, tech support says it won't work in Web Report Studio. Is there another way to get variables to show up in headers? We don't have the latest/greatest fixes to our SAS products, so that is the main reason I'm wondering if there is a way to accomplish what I want.

Thanks in advance!
I am completely confused by this. When I run the SP in this forum posting, then NOBYLINE and #BYVAL does work just fine -- in EG, in the Add-in and in Web Report Studio, too

I really think you should go back to Tech Support for more clarification. Is it really NOBYLINE that's the problem or is there something else (like a LINE statement) in your PROC REPORT code?????

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Hi, Cynthia,

I'm confused too. Here is the info that SAS Tech Support sent me to:

NOBYLINE option in Stored Process prevents display of report in SAS Web Report Studio


If a Web Report Studio report is built with a Stored Process and the
code in the Stored Process contains a BY statement together with the
NOBYLINE option, the output does not display in the Web Report Studio
window. There are no error messages returned in the Web Report Studio
or the Stored Process logs.

To circumvent the problem, remove the OPTIONS NOBYLINE from Stored
Process code.

So....on one side, you are saying that NOBYLINE works just fine, yet Tech Support sent me to the above linked message.

What I ended up doing, and it worked just fine, was to re-enter the lines of code for the stored process, and of course used NOBYLINE, and the stored process worked. I'm going to now compare my original stored process code to the recently re-written stored process and see if I can find any glitches.

So you think you're completely confused?? That makes two of us! Thanks for's appreciated!



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