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Welcome to SAS Support Communities!
Community Manager

Or should we say, welcome to the redesigned SAS Support Communities.


Many years ago, SAS Support Communities began as a way to connect and help SAS users. Since that time, our communities have seen tremendous growth in membership and readership. You -- our members -- show a vast diversity of interests. You have curiosity and knowledge about all sorts of topics, and you are willing to share lots of time and expertise to help each other.


To take to the next level, we have upgraded our communities platform and redesigned the site.  Our new environment will help you to:

  • Find correct information faster with intuitive searches
  • Connect with your peers
  • Share what you know with others

You’ll notice some immediate benefits of our new site:

  • A quality mobile experience
  • A new system of ranks and badges that reward you for contributions to the community
  • Better SPAM filters, keeping the noise level down so you can enjoy the good content

If you have used in the past, you’ll notice that our new site has some new behaviors and features. There’s a new ranking structure (for those of you who keep track) and some new terminology. And we’ve added things like badges and an article Library, to make it easier for you to show off your expertise.


Check out your new community! This video gives you a good overview of what to expect.



As our new tagline says, “Ask. Find. Share.” The SAS Support Communities are designed to help you learn and grow as a SAS user. Jump right in and start absorbing the collective knowledge of a world of talented SAS users. After all, that’s what a community is all about.




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