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Calcite | Level 5

Hi everyone,

I really appreciate SAS Pro as it offers many tools I use almost every day. However, my very old computer refuses to run SAS smoothly, so every work takes a lot more than it would take to anyone else. The Internet is the only thing that runs without lags, so I would like to ask whether there's something like cloud option of SAS or not?

Please help, company staff will obtain new devices not before March 2015!

Thank you!


Accepted Solutions
Super User

Check these. You can find them easily by searching CLOUD in

Xia Keshan

Opal | Level 21

A cloud is imho (and certainly over-simplified) nothing else than a server/server cluster hidden to you by some abstraction layer (...already waiting for all the people telling me off now).

The point I'm trying to make: You should run commercial applications of SAS on a server and not your desktop - whether this server is now in a cloud or not.

Super User

Be aware that a cloud solution will be influenced by rules you have to follow concerning the security of your data. In some countries, a public cloud solution may be prohibited because data must be kept within that country's borders.

If your "very old" computer lacks processing power, a simple upgrade to a nominally equal (# of cores) modern server may be more than enough to solve your problem. Without delving into the intricacies of working in a cloud.

And March 2015 sounds nice to me. I face a much longer timespan from request to approval to procurement.

Calcite | Level 5

SAS cloud: SAS Cloud, Deploy SAS Software in the Cloud | SAS,

or if looking for different piece of software you can try NCSS, but it's not supported by SAS :smileyconfused: NCSS 10 cloud

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