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Calcite | Level 5

I am trying to optimize the processing of a product which is experiencing about 10% scrap rate launching the product into production. I ran a process DOE w/4 factors at 3 levels and collected data on 9 trials. The defect rating response was set to an ordinal variable and fitted a model by logistic regression. I also collected data on the hardness of this product which is also affected by the process variables and have to meet a physical target. The hardness data is a continuous variable and it was fit to a standard least squares model. These two models exist in different JMP windows. I can optimize both models independently, but I don't know how to optimize the two models simultaneously. I figure this is easy to do in JMP13, but I'm kinda new to JMP modeling and unfortunately I'm not seeing an obvious way for simultaneous optimization. Please help.

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JMP has their own community: 


It is best to post your question there. Best of luck!



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