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Pyrite | Level 9

Good Morning all! I have been looking to get into more statistics side of things. As of now I have reasonable SAS skills but very basic Statistical knowledge (I took one STATS course many years back and know a little bit about T tests, Anova, Correlation and Regression etc). There are plenty of resources and books for statisticans to learn SAS but not the other way around. Few books I have found still assume a decent knowledge of statistics and to start taking basic courses in statistics doesnt seem very useful either. I dont want to become data scientist but still want to get to an intermediate level where I can provide real value to organizations I work for and to my clients. I'm particularly interested in learning more about topics such customer segmentation, time series forecasting, logistic regression etc.

Any good books and resources suggestions will be appreciated.

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Have you taken the SAS stats e-course?

its free.  

Pyrite | Level 9

Thanks Reeza. I didnt know it was free. I will surely check it out. Do you think this course will prepare me to take on more intermediate and even advanced topics eventually? Any other book you might recommend after I take this course?



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