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Calcite | Level 5

Well, this is a strange one - When I click on my name and select "Sign Out", everything blinks happily and then I'm back at the same screen, still logged in!


This seems to be a Chrome issue. I logged in separately using IE and was able to log out without any issues. 


Has this happened to anyone else? To other Chrome users?



Opal | Level 21

No. I use Chrome 76.0.3809 132 and, when I sign out of the communities, I have to sign back in if I want to post anything.


Art, CEO,


Jade | Level 19

Hello @RWilsker and welcome to the SAS Support Communities!


Yes, this is happening to me as well (also using Chrome version 76.0.3809.132, haven't tested other browsers yet) almost every day, but not always. There are at least three different log-out scenarios which I experience regularly in what seems like a random pattern:

  1. Sign Out works as it always did in previous years (leading to the Communities home page).
  2. Sign Out does not work as you describe it -- but after closing and reopening the browser window I am logged out.
  3. Sign Out leads to a log-in screen which is different from the usual one. Until recently that was an "okta" log-in screen, then it was changed to a SAS log-in screen.

I would appreciate a reliable and consistent sign-out procedure. So, thank you very much for bringing this up.


Maybe one of the moderators or Super Users can move this thread to the appropriate subforum: Community Matters.

Super User

People actually log out of the forum? Smiley Happy


Between the bookmarks I use and such I don't even see an option to log out. And since I have to log in every time I visit anyway, I don't spend much time worrying about logging out.

Community Manager

Many of us on the communities team encounter this same issue. Deleting all of your cookies in Chrome seems to fix it. As for why it happens, I'm not sure.

Community Manager

We call this our "Hotel California" mode.


We also see this..sometimes.  We're looking into it.



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