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Meteorite | Level 14

It's disappointing to see the spammers have returned. I was unable to find a way to mark their content as spam as the previous site. Is there an option available? 


If the feature is available, it would be helpful to block members who spam rather than their individual content.

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Meteorite | Level 14

Yes @Kurt_Bremser I tried this however the content still remains visible and isn't removed like the other site. It would be good if we could block the user creating the content.

//Contact me to learn how Metacoda software can help keep your SAS platform secure -
Community Manager

The spammers will always be with us -- that's a sad side effect of having a popular community.


However, we now have better tools to remove spam and intercept future spam.  Thank you for reporting the messages as abuse.  We'll be looking at ways to "deputize" many of you to do even more.


Thank you for your patience as we learn the best techniques with this new system.  We tested the spam-blocking capabilities, but there is nothing like a good field test on a live site to show us how to handle it!



Super User

What is needed is a bunch of people who can kill off the spam (like you obviously just did), located all around the world, so that there is always someone available around the clock; otherwise the spammers could have free reign for at least 12 hours a day.

And who are notified as soon as someone reports inappropriate content.



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