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While I compose a message in the Rich Text editor, the editor is nice enough to autosave periodically, However, sometimes it displays the error: "Sorry, unable to complete the action you requested.


Usually if I ignore it and keep typing, the problem goes away.  Sometimes when I press "Post" I will get an error message as well.  In that case, I usually have to restore an autosave version.


This happens to me about 30-50% of the time that I respond to a post, and even when I originate a post (like now).  Possibly relevant: I take a long time to compose responses, so you might try to reproduce it by slowly typing/revising a message over 5-10 minutes.


Region Capture.png

Community Manager

Rick, thanks for letting know. It is possible that your login session is timing out (should not be: but we have a ticket open w/ IT for the SSO issue).


I checked the settings for autosave: see attached image



When I have time later today or tomorrow morning, I will try to reproduce. Thank you for notifying us of these behaviors. In many cases it is an admin setting; other cases, something to investigate. It's very helpful. I'll let you know what I find out...