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Calcite | Level 5

Hello Guys

I am an individual SAS learner, passed base and advanced certification and working hard on preparing the test on SAS statistical business analyst certification, because I changed my career from working in the supermarket to a business analysis job, so I didn't have any hand on experiences working as an analyst, please tell give me some suggestions on how I can or where I can gain some work experiences as a SAS programmer, even without paid jobs.

Thanks in advance.

Tourmaline | Level 20

@alj388 participate here and solve as many problems as you can. 


I am a  fork lift driver turned sas user. lol we are essentially the same!

Opal | Level 21

We're still relatively new, so I wouldn't rely on it as the sole source of your finding either a job or internship, but take a look at and sign up at my website:


Art, CEO,


Super User

Look for Open Data or Data for Good/DataKind or hackathon initiatives around you where what tool you use doesn't matter. 

Additionally, you can look at Kaggle type problems though SAS doesn't work with Kaggle or DrivenData is also a good option. 


For visibility you can choose to blog or participate in your local SAS user groups. Those are the best ways to gain visibility and possibly get access to jobs.