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Opal | Level 21

Does this mean that a poster can accept multiple solutions in the new version of the forum?



Community Manager

Hi @PGStats - that's a setting that we've always had available, but we choose (as many tech forums do) to have just one solution.  Here's why.


When a topic has an accepted solution, it is more likely to attract new visits from people looking for the same topic during an internet search.  You might have noticed that solved topics show as "Solved: <subject line>" in Google search results -- very appealing to those seeking answers.  When the visitor clicks through, the best experience would present them with the question that matches their own inquiry, and a concise (as possible) answer that solves it.


Rather than allow multiple solutions, we routinely edit popular topics and their solutions to match what people are looking for.  If you see a topic where more than one reply could be a solution, let us know and we can help to consolidate.

Amethyst | Level 16
This is definitely a good topic.

I personally could not agree more: a one solution model usually works best in general, specially for solution seekers and web crawlers. If there are more than one answers that work as solution, I take as best practice to summarize them and let them work as a single solution. This model is also used in multiple technical support teams’ knowledge bases.

Nonetheless as part of a users community I also see that it might be a good idea to mark multiple answers as part of a solution in the sense of rewarding or recognizing the brains involved. Not sure how that could play out, though. Perhaps something for the future.

Opal | Level 21

The single accepted solution option is OK with me. But then the presence of the number 1 in the heading is missleading. It says "The only solution that was accepted is" instead of "A solution that was accepted is".

Opal | Level 21

I like the idea of multiple solutions but, even more importantly, the idea of changing an OP's choice. While I see the benefit of highlighting a solution, all too often an OP has marked their own question as an accepted solution or, just as bad, marking a solution that was inferior to another posted response.


Me thinks that a novice OP can identify when they think their problem has been solved but, often, don't have the expertise to evaluate multiple solutions. And, clearly, just marking one of their own posts doesn't help anyone who is looking for a solution to a similar problem.


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