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Jade | Level 19

It's great that there are regional and special interest groups among the SAS Support Communities. Their membership databases should be expected to be of high quality, given SAS's superior data management capabilities. Unfortunately, this does not seem to be the case, at least for some groups.


  1. When I recently browsed through the member list of the German CoDe SAS group (142 entries), I noticed that my own user name is missing. But I had registered for this group earlier this year and it is shown in the "My Groups" component of my profile.
  2. I read the 142 names into SAS and detected many duplicate entries: It turned out that the list contains only 92 distinct names, 25 of which occur twice or up to five times.
  3. To make sure that this is not just a specific bug of the CoDe SAS group, I picked another group providing a member list, the SUGIR group, which is said to have 80 members. Result: The list of 80 names boiled down to 37 after removing duplicates. 22 out of these 37 occur twice or up to four times.

Who has access to the "Unhide hidden members" and "Remove duplicates" buttons?

Community Manager

Hi @FreelanceReinh, thanks for looking out for us. When we migrated to the new community platform we also migrated the members. I am not sure how you saw duplicates, so I will look into those groups.  Each community profile is distinct. You are a member of the CoDE SAS group. I will check. 

Best regards, Lainie




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