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I thought the first couple times that when I copied some program code from a code box and it didn't paste into the SAS editor correctly that there was something odd about the specific code source. Then I duplicated with one of my posts.


Example: Copy from the SAS editor and paste into a code box opened with the {I}

Client_ID Address 
ABC123 11 East Street, City1, OH County 4 
ABC123 22 West Street, Abcde, OH OCount 9

Looks like plain text as expected.


When I go the box I just pasted in and copy the text by highlighting the specific lines of text I am interested in and paste back into the SAS editor I get:

Client_ID Address ABC123 11 East Street, City1, OH County 4 ABC123 22 West Street, Abcde, OH OCount 9

If I click on the code box and copy the entire box it maintains formatting but often I would not want to do that because of the length of some code or log entries.


I believe this behavior is changed but I cannot pinpoint exactly when.

Super User Tom
Super User

I cannot replicate your issue from this post using Chrome as the browser and PC SAS version 9.4 Enhanced Editor as the target location.

Of course I used Ctrl-C to copy and Ctrl-V to paste.


What does get messed up is if you edit the text in a code box in the forum editor WITHOUT first pushing the icon to re-open the pop-up window.  If you do that then when you Post the message the text in the code box loses its formatting.  You can fix it by opening and closing the pop-up window.


Super User

Wouldn't surprise me if this was related to browser changes (Internet Exploder as required at work) but I was pretty sure that I had been able to do the same operations previously without that behavior.

And I do use Ctrl-C Ctrl-V as well. Scrolling to highlight lines to select is only mouse operation involved.



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