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Quartz | Level 8 Go
Quartz | Level 8

I know that we can use the Time-out interval option in the Preferences dialog box to set the time-out (in hours) for our SAS Studio session. If I (SAS administrator) want to increase this interval for everyone at my site to 4hours, how can i do this ? is it in App server(/sas/SAS94BASEP/SAS_94/SASStudioBasic/3.4) or Web/midtier server(/sas/SAS94WP/SAS_94/SASStudioMidTier/3.4/) ?

Amethyst | Level 16

Hi @Go


answering your question, what you ask is normally done on the middle tier as described on:

and for the Single Sign On timeout:


Please note that SAS Studio is not configuredon the same way. As you mention, this is configured on SAS Studio through the UI interface.


Also, there are a couple of hotfixes that might help you. Please refer to:


Problem Note 55886: SAS® Studio times out in two or three hours regardless of the preference setting:

Problem Note 56550: SAS® Studio Mid-Tier enterprise edition times out after 12 hours even if a longer time-out interval has been set:


Please let us know if this actually helps you.


Best regards,




Quartz | Level 8 Go
Quartz | Level 8
SAS Employee

Have you tried using the webdms.maxSessionTimeoutInHours configuration property?  This property specifies the maximum value for the Session time-out value in the Preferences dialog box. The default value is 240.


For more information about these configuration properties, see the SAS Studio: Administrator's Guide, specifically this topic:


Quartz | Level 8 Go
Quartz | Level 8
is this 240 hours applicable to my environment right now ?? How can I enable it ? I mean if I keep my studio session unattended it will die in 1 hour, how can I make it to 4 hours by editing this config file - do I change it to 4 from 240 ?
Barite | Level 11

Afaik by editing the config file the maximum session length is set. Not the users session length. SAS Studio creates some user-specific configuration files - check personal folder of the users on your app-server ( not mid-tier), but i don't think that an easy way exists to increase session length for all users automatically.

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