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Obsidian | Level 7

Can SAS Viya take care of the things that SAS GRID takes care of (EG, Miner, LSF Scheduling, Stored procs, etc) ?

If We plan to implement brand new SAS environment , can we go for SASViya ? whats the advantage over SAS GRID ?

SASViya deployment is simliar to SAS9.4 Installation/configuration? 

Will SAS needs to host the cloud servers for SASViya for an organisation?



SAS Employee

SAS Viya and SAS Grid Manager can actually work together, tackling the distributed processing of two different aspects of workloads.  SAS Grid manages the distribution of SAS jobs using advanced scheduling and resource management.  The CAS Server in SAS Viya manages the distribution of individual tasks within a job, splitting things up based on the way the data is or can be distributed.  Both are "divide and conquer" approaches, with SAS Viya being at a more granular level and SAS Grid being more at a gross level.  Note that since SAS Grid Manager is currently a 9.4-based offering, you'll need to make sure you're at 9.4M5 in order to take advantage of direct connectivity to a CAS Server running as part of a SAS Viya offering.  This same direct connectivity is also available from V9 clients like EG, Enterprise Miner, and stored processes.  SAS Viya offerings themselves do not include these clients.


While SAS Viya does support scheduling of jobs, SAS Viya offerings do not currently include LSF - something which is obviously available with V9-based SAS Grid Manager.


SAS Viya uses an entirely new installation/configuration paradigm.  You can watch this video to get a taste for the new process.


SAS Viya offerings can be installed on-premises, in a customer's public or private cloud of choice, or managed by SAS.  SAS does not need to host SAS Viya deployments, but will obviously do so if a customer prefers to outsource this management.

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Obsidian | Level 7

Wow that's a great explanation, SO the Viya is better because of CAS or because of cloud ? 

one more question, this might sound very basic, I have never worked with cloud servers, So if the organisation chose not to have SAS to host the servers, whats the next best option for them ? public cloud or private ?



Tourmaline | Level 20
Viya can technically be installed on anything from local physical server to full cloud providers. So it's really up to the customers preferences and requirements.
Data never sleeps
Obsidian | Level 7

So CAS on non cloud environment give s better performance than SAS GRID ? are there any customers you think they do this CAS on non cloud? 

Tourmaline | Level 20
The question too vague. You need a clear use case before making any comparisons.
Grid and Viya is basically two different setups. While grid is good for distribution of load between SAS jobs, Viya distributes single jobs/steps. The later can sometimes lessen the need for a grid.
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