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Fluorite | Level 6

I'm facing issue with sas connect spawner, which is not getting up while in the process of taken the servers restart. Once I down the services, I cleared all logs in the midtier server and object spawner, Metadata logs in the Meta+Compute server.

I have validated the workspace server/pooled workspaces server and Stored process server successfully from the SMC. But while trying to validate the logical connect server and  the connect spawner, both are not successful and throwing errors as given below. 

I tried to start the connect spawner manually, but not getting start.


connect server error in SMC:

[3/5/22 11:33 PM] INFO: Starting simple validation for SAS/CONNECT server (level 1) - ping

[3/5/22 11:33 PM] SEVERE: Connection refused (Connection refused)

[3/5/22 11:33 PM] SEVERE: Connection refused (Connection refused)



Connect spawner error in SMC:

[3/5/22 11:44 PM] SEVERE: Connection refused
[3/5/22 11:44 PM] SEVERE: The application could not log on to the server "vbnxsasegrcapp1:7541". No server is available at that port on that machine.



Object spawner log:

SAS Object Spawner Daemon III has completed initialization.

20220305: 00000008:         IOM CALL svcParseOptions() Queue: opts=PORT=8591
20220305: 00000004:ERROR: Libref APDM failed to assign from logical server.

20220305: 00000004:ERROR: Libref DBCTRL failed to assign from logical server.



please help me to resolve this issue..





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Fluorite | Level 6
kindly help anyone to resolve it
Fluorite | Level 6
Super User Tom
Super User

@Eswarsas wrote:

Did you mark your own reply as an answer because the problem went away?

If not then this type of technical issue is best resolved by your local SAS administrators or by opening a support ticket with SAS.  The general SAS community is not going to have access to your SAS servers to debug your issue.

Opal | Level 21

From the error messages you are getting it appears that the server and port combination vbnxsasegrcapp1:7541 is not accessible. First of all try the PING command to confirm the the server vbnxsasegrcapp1 itself is online and then try seeing if port 7541 is accessible. If you are using Windows then the NETSTAT command is useful for this.


Please note that if your issue is urgent then you should contact SAS Tech Support.

The Connect Server is started by the Connect Spawner, not the Object Spawner. You'd need to look at the Connect Spawner log (Lev1/ConnectSpawner/Logs by default) to determine why it isn't starting. Because it is not starting, the connect spawner and connect server cannot be validated in SAS Management Console.
Greg Wootton | Principal Systems Technical Support Engineer

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