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Calcite | Level 5


my os is windows, DB is oracle.

my sas version 9.4 "4 tier as sas meta, sas middle, sas compute, oracle DB each on single server"



i have issue with sascompliancesolutionsmid when user login it redirect him to this url and nothing open like 404 http error




and sas complaince solutions mid log say:

WARN  2017-03-27 09:11:19,949 [localhost-startStop-2] - Forced destruction of the session context by the Session Service. Session Context=1bb4ced89a0f8ea9:3535c2f9:15b10742602:-7ae3

WARN  2017-03-27 09:45:40,308 [ Timer 0] - Failed to grow the connection pool

com.atomikos.datasource.pool.CreateConnectionException: Could not create JDBC connection


all other web like ecm open normally and no issues.

Community Manager

This type of question is best answered by SAS Technical Support:


Best of luck to you, and thank you for using the SAS online communities.

Shelley Sessoms
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Fluorite | Level 6
I am also facing same issue.
Ammonite | Level 13



The error below clearly states that there is some issue when the app server is trying to connect to database.

Could you check and confirm if the database is up and running? Are you able to connect to database from any of the remote host or SAS server?


com.atomikos.datasource.pool.CreateConnectionException: Could not create JDBC connection

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