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Quartz | Level 8 Go
Quartz | Level 8

Hi All,


I am supposed to create a dataset from metadata logs, I prepared code and everything and got ready to test in EG, as I am supposed to to selct SASMeta as server in "Selected Server" dropdown in EG, but I dont see SASMeta in the dropdown, how can i achive this ??


I don't see workspace directory in config/Lev1/SASMeta/.... !!!



Amethyst | Level 16



Is your metadata server on a different location than your compute server or on the same server?


If they are the same, you should not require SASMeta, and if you are on different ones, the same (protected shared folders do the job fine).


Either way, if you want to have a SAS Meta in EG, you will need to configure a SAS Workspace server under SASMeta. If you havevSAS Meta and SAS App on the server , OK. If they are under different servers, I would check with your SAS account manager if your license actually allows it.

Quartz | Level 8 Go
Quartz | Level 8
Hi JuanS_OCS,
Thanks for the response,
Metadata server and App server both are in different servers, Can you please tell me how to configure SAS Workspace server under SASMeta, we have license to do this.
Opal | Level 21

It is not good practice to run user jobs on the SAS metadata server as it is designed to do continuous administration of your SAS server environment and nothing else.


As @JuanS_OCS advises, you should be able to access your metadata log folders through a secure network share from your SAS Compute server which you can see as SASApp in EG. Check with your SAS administrator about this and arrange to create a network share if there is not one already.

Tourmaline | Level 20
You don't need to use SASMeta as an app server to be able to parse those logs. Use SASApp, but be sure to have read access right to the SASMeta directory.

May I ask why you need to do this? You may wish to explore possibilities in Environment Manager first.
Data never sleeps
Calcite | Level 5



SAMeta is Server Context for Metadata server which is used to manage and administere your SAS Environment.

Any code has to be run on App Server Context to which you have access to, mostly in default SAS Environments it should be SASApp or SASApp01. It should be fine if you run code on these.



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