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Pyrite | Level 9

How to install jupyter notebook on sas viya. Will it come along with the default sas insatllation or should we install it seperately? If its seperate, then how to install it.

Amethyst | Level 16

Hello @AmitSri,


while I am not an expert on Jupyter notebooks, here is what I know:


- Jupyter notebooks are just (external) clients, where you can "plug-in" and use Python or R code (external as well).

- Hence nothing in Viya per-se, but support for numerous languages, such as Python.

- There is a SAS' Python SWAT that can interact perfectly with CAS (the new engine in Viya)

- I would say that, once you get a Junyper notebook with Python capabilities, you should be able to connect to Viya/CAS easily

import swat
s = swat.CAS("", 5570)

I highly recommend you the reading of:

And very important:


Hope it helps!


Kind regards,


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