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Quartz | Level 8


I am following this step : 

But I have a problem to find the SASStoredProcess's path.
How can I find it?
SAS Employee

What software of SAS are you using?

Quartz | Level 8

SAS Enterprise Guide, SAS VA, SAS DataIntegration, SAS Management Console.

SAS Employee


So based on the link you sent, you are trying to call a stored process via a Hyperlink.


First, you need to determine what the stored process web application location is.

Which looks like this…  http://yourserver/SASStoredProcess

Make sure the link above works before combing it with the stored process name and location.


The rest of the link to the SP would look something like this… “do?_program=/WebApps/Sales/WeeklyStoredProcess”

You can get this location of your stored process by right-clicking on the stored process from the SAS Folders section in Enterprise Guide and then eventually combining the two.


Hope this helps.


Ammonite | Level 13

If you are talking about the below snippet, the path it is referring to is under SAS metadata folders. You will have to check where was the STP registered and use that. If you don't have access, check with your site admin to help you with the path.


The SAS Stored Process Web Application will look for a custom input form if you add the parameter _ACTION=FORM to the Web application URL. Custom input forms are JSPs under the input folder in the SASStoredProcess directory. For example, the Shoe Sales by Region sample stored process can be accessed with:

Quartz | Level 8

If you add the directive _debug=log to the URL when running any Stored Process from the browser, you will get the complete SAS Log in the browser, and this will start with a listing of automatic macro variables from which you can deduct where SAS finds the code.


And when creating links within a Stored Process to other Stored Process on your system, use those macro variables. Links then will still work when you have to move everything, or when your environment is being updated.

Quartz | Level 8


Finally, I have found the folder input in this path:


Thanks for the support,

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