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We have many data sources like (Oracle, MariaDB, Hadoop, Presto & TD) connectivity from SAS compute server

and we have different departments which are using above data sources...but I can see that sas compute server CPU usage is more and getting alerts...


can any one tell us how to optimize or how to restrict/control based on the users/department wise utilization ?


SAS Employee

I am assuming that you are the SAS administrator if you are getting alerts and have taken some SAS admin training, that being said you need to provide more information about your problem. You need to find the cause of the excess CPU consumption that is setting off this alert.  When the alter happens check the running processes and see which process is using all the CPU.   It could be that there are a few individuals that are using all the resources and this has nothing to do with the data.


It could be a wide range of things from your current system not being able to handle the load or users that are running long resource-intensive jobs. There is a simple solution to those, one upgrade your systems or get your users to start submitting those long-running jobs in the evening.


If you know who is causing the issue and want to separate them or limit their resources. There isn't anything that is easily done to accomplish this. You cannot limit the number of resources a SAS session can have but you can put those users on their own machine. You could add a new application server with a new workspace server on a separate machine(this will definitely affect your licensing agreement - $) but allow you to redirect these users to those resources on that machine and not affect anyone else. I would not have this documentation off hand and you would need to contact your Sales rep and then sas tech support for how to include a new Workspace server in your environment.


Hope this helps.





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