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With the continuous delivery of the new SAS Viya, it’s imperative that you as an administrator understand what is new and different in each release. SAS has created a new Release Notes UI that allows you to quickly filter the complete list of Deployment Notes and What’s New content to your specific product, area of interest, and versions.

Here’s the link:

This is how the UI looks today when nothing is selected (but we’re continuously improving, so this will be out of date quite soon):




Notice that the Apply Filters button is inactive.

On the left side of the page, you select the offerings and/or general categories that you are concerned with. You must select at least one item from the left side. On the right side of the page, you’ll find supported versions of SAS Viya. Select the version or range of versions and the type of release notes you are interested in. You must select a version or range, and at least one type of release note.

Let’s go through that in a bit more detail.

As a SAS Viya customer you’ll have licensed one or more offerings. Select these offerings under Products and Solutions. As an admin you’ll also be very interested in the platform-level changes to deployment and administration. Select those General Categories too.

Under Versions select a version or range of versions. If you are updating from 2021.1.2 to 2021.1.4 you can select a range of 2021.1.3 to 2021.1.4 to see all the changes since your last deployment. The release notes are divided into What’s New, which will generally be of more interest to the end-user, and Deployment Notes, which will highlight changes to the deployment process. You must select at least one of these Types.

With those selections in place the Apply Filters button becomes active.



Click Apply Filters, to see the release notes.

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