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Fluorite | Level 6


We have a sas mid tier configuration with an APP and a Web server.I am trying to install a container hotfix for my SAS installation. I need to open the deployment wizard as another user (generic install account). When i right click+Shift on the sasdm.exe and open as different user, and use my admin account to login, the windows explorer freezes and stops working. The deplyoment manager does not open. No log files are created. This happens only in  my web server. I was able to carry out the exact same task from my App server, without any issues. Can someone please help?

Lapis Lazuli | Level 10

Can you check the Event Viewer logs using the Admin account?
Probably there should be some alerts generated in it related to this event.
Also, have you take a look at %AppData% path and go to the "AppData\Local\SAS" directories for both the users(logged in users and other admin user) ?
Probably you should have SASDeploymentManager directory and it should have few logs generated.

Fluorite | Level 6
Thanks for your response. But the issue was not with the log files as such. The deployment manager didn't start in the first place, and none of the log files were generated.
I was able to fix the issue by launching deployment manager through command prompt, using the runas and start commands.
After I launched once from cmd, I was able to open deployment manager in the way mentioned in my original question.
Weird stuff.


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