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Quartz | Level 8

Hi All,


Thanks for the response.

How can we use custom queues in grid set mapping.


Can we use custom queues in grid set mapping?



Madhan M


When defining the grid options set you can specify queue= in the grid options for queue selection.


Working With Grid Options Sets

Greg Wootton | Principal Systems Technical Support Engineer
SAS Employee

Sure. You just need to create an options set that has the job option 'queue=<name_of_queue>'. Then you create a mapping from 'SAS Enterprise Guide' to whatever users you want to use that options set so that they get the queu you defined in that options set.

Quartz | Level 8

Hi Doug,

Apart from normal and Priority we have defined two custom queues. 




When we set the grid set option 'queue=big' we are unable to connect to the application server.

its working fine with normal and priority queues.



Madhan M. 

SAS Employee

Generally when that happens, hosts are defined on the queue that do not match up with hosts defined under the logical workspace server.


For example, the following will not work since the list of hosts for both do not intersect:

  1. The queue 'big' has hosts Big1 and Big2 defined as the hosts the jobs can run on.
  2. The SASApp logical workspace server has hosts Small, Medium, and Large defined on it.

To fix the problem Big1 and Big2 would need to be added to the logical workspace server list of hosts.


If that is not the problem, contact tech support so they can get the proper logs from the object spawner so the issue can be debugged.

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